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Audio-Technica Wireless Scores At Super Bowl XLIX
Living and breathing audio as we do, it's tough to watch a major performance on TV and not wonder... "What[...]
The Pub Prop
It seems that nearly every time I show up for a performance anywhere in the world I wind up kicking[...]
Flare Audio Universal Fit IEMs
I have been a pretty tireless advocate of getting musicians on in-ear systems for monitoring for a really long time.[...]
Live Sound 101: What Is Gain Structure?
BY DARTH FADER Gain structure - yet another part of the Force that can either lift you into superstardom or[...]
1st Ever Solar Powered Music Video
The Minneapolis based hip hop duo, ATMOSPHERE (featuring Slug and Ant) have released what they claim as the first ever[...]
Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), Lady Gaga was born and raised in New York City. She quickly[...]
Review: QSC K-Series
QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and "K" pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago[...]
The World Stage
I believe I’ve found the cure to jet lag. It’s actually rather simple. First you acclimate by flying from Florida[...]
New@NAMM: PreSonus StudioLive 64AI and 48AI Mix Systems
PreSonus says their two new StudioLive™ AI Mix Systems deliver large-format channel counts, recording, powerful DSP, and more for under[...]
Live Entertainment Economics - THE  SOLO GIGGER
I spoke with a client just last week who wanted to book me for a three hour private party. He[...]
Gig Travel - The Solo Gigger
How do you get to your shows? Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, bikes or on foot? There are many ways to[...]
Review: Soundcraft Notepad 124FX PA Mixer
If you are like me, you are likely always on the look out for things you can do to make[...]
Ronnie Wood's Rock And Roll Diary
A decade before joining the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood’s musical apprenticeship with The Birds catapulted him onto the stage of[...]
H-Reverb Plug-In Now Available
According to Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kiss) “H-Reverb (From Waves Audio) is the ultimate customizable reverb![...]
Coolest Booth on Earth
How many times have you been drawn to a booth at a convention anywhere on the planet? For me, I’d[...]
The Solo Gigger - Continuing Education
What's the name of the last book you read? Some of you will have an immediate response and may even[...]
I've Got a Name: The Beast
Often guitarists experiment with their guitar in an attempt to make it better suit their needs. AC/DC’s Malcolm Young’s Gretsch[...]
Review: Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz
This time around we will be talking about Tech 21’s Bass Boost Fuzz. Again I’m taking a huge amount of[...]