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I Have It Somewhere
This has to be the most common comment I hear from students whether during a one-on-one lesson, guitar camp or[...]
Q8 Handy Video Recorder From Zoom
The Q8 Handy Video Recorder from ZOOM marries a high-definition video camera with a high-resolution four-track audio recorder. With a[...]
Live Entertainment Economics - THE  SOLO GIGGER
I spoke with a client just last week who wanted to book me for a three hour private party. He[...]
Coolest Booth on Earth
How many times have you been drawn to a booth at a convention anywhere on the planet? For me, I’d[...]
Walkthrough: StudioLive RM16AI/RM36AI From PreSonus
There's no questioning that sound engineers really like gear, and that advancing technology prompts audio manufacturers to feed that addiction.[...]
Review: Behringer Eurodesk SX4882
Hello. It’s Tom Chianti again. We haven’t seen each other since I scootered my way thru last year's AES convention[...]
New: Acoustic Drum Loops For Studio One
PreSonus has released three new Studio One Add-on soundsets of acoustic drum loops recorded in a state-of-the-art studio with world-class[...]
Audio-Technica Wireless Scores At Super Bowl XLIX
Living and breathing audio as we do, it's tough to watch a major performance on TV and not wonder... "What[...]
Phantom Power Explained
by Bruce Bartlett Most condenser microphones need phantom power to operate their internal circuitry. Let's explain what phantom power is[...]
Free Download - Novation Automap 3.3
Novation's Automap v3.3 mapping software enables the company’s MIDI control surfaces to smoothly integrate with digital audio workstations (DAWs). The[...]
The Pub Prop
It seems that nearly every time I show up for a performance anywhere in the world I wind up kicking[...]
EV Extends The 635 And RE50
Introduced at the 2015 NAB (National Association Of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas, these new versions are designed for broadcast[...]
Review: QSC K-Series
QSC K-Series powered speakers demonstrate their versatility and "K" pability. Thinking back to the winter NAMM show a year ago[...]
On The Road: CV PSeries Loudspeakers
While most of our On The Road reviews take place at DJ events or live band performances, once in awhile[...]
Gigmasters and Gig Salad
I moved to Los Angeles in March 1983 to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology, or GIT. It was a[...]
New@NAMM: PreSonus StudioLive 64AI and 48AI Mix Systems
PreSonus says their two new StudioLive™ AI Mix Systems deliver large-format channel counts, recording, powerful DSP, and more for under[...]
Miking Your Heavenly Choir
As a worship sound pro, the top three questions asked of me are: 1) How do I get my audio[...]
Touch Screen HoloDesk DJ Mixing Console
ICE AV Technology an international interactive and digital display innovation manufacturer, has launched its next product known as the HoloDesk(tm), the[...]