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Audix Microboom High Output Cardioid - Real World Review
Before we get into today’s review, a little history on my studio background is probably applicable. My first job in[...]
Ronnie Wood's Rock And Roll Diary
A decade before joining the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood’s musical apprenticeship with The Birds catapulted him onto the stage of[...]
Gretsch Electromatic G5420: Video Review
by Jake Kelly Gretsch guitars are iconic, no doubt. It would be hard to picture Brian Setzer or Chet Atkins[...]
New@NAMM: Audio-Technica System 10 PRO
Like all System 10 models, the System 10 PRO Rack-Mount operates in the 2.4 GHz range, keeping it free not[...]
Gigmasters and Gig Salad
I moved to Los Angeles in March 1983 to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology, or GIT. It was a[...]
Review: Behringer B615D Powered Loudspeakers
Go to the Behringer Website and click on loudspeakers>portable. I think you'll agree that the choices are, at first, quite[...]
Soundcraft Redefines "Affordable" Mixing with Si Impact Digital Console
While affordable is a subjective term, Soundcraft's new Si Impact digital mixing console delivers an incredible level of power and[...]
How Did Bruno Mars Make It?
Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of six children from a musical family.[...]
Compression: What It Is And Why It's Good
A compressor (a.k.a.dynamic processor) is designed to automatically control the volume or dynamics of the sound traveling through it. Compressors[...]
New@NAMM: PreSonus StudioLive 64AI and 48AI Mix Systems
PreSonus says their two new StudioLive™ AI Mix Systems deliver large-format channel counts, recording, powerful DSP, and more for under[...]
New: AT5045 Premier Studio Instrument Mic
Featuring audio-technica's largest single diaphragm, the AT5045 is a premier, side-address studio instrument mic in a convenient, stick-type body. Inside,[...]
QSC KW 152 Review, First Time Out
The latest addition to the Live2Play audio arsenal is a pair of QSC KW152 powered speakers—we only wish this little[...]
Gig Travel - The Solo Gigger
How do you get to your shows? Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, bikes or on foot? There are many ways to[...]
Walkthrough: StudioLive RM16AI/RM36AI From PreSonus
There's no questioning that sound engineers really like gear, and that advancing technology prompts audio manufacturers to feed that addiction.[...]
On The Road: CV PSeries Loudspeakers
While most of our On The Road reviews take place at DJ events or live band performances, once in awhile[...]
Preventing Wireless Mic Dropouts
by Bruce Bartlett Chffffft! That’s the sound of a wireless mic dropout. The microphone makes a burst of noise or[...]
I've Got a Name: The Beast
Often guitarists experiment with their guitar in an attempt to make it better suit their needs. AC/DC’s Malcolm Young’s Gretsch[...]
Dante Expansion Card Now Available DL32R Mixer
Mackie's DL32R delivers 32-channels of digital mixing with convenient direct-to-drive multi-track recording/playback, new Onyx+ recallable microphone pre-amps, in an ultra-compact[...]