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Pickin’, Grinnin’, Breathin’, and Clenchin’

By Richard Gilewitz

No matter how long I’ve played my instruments, worked with my teachers (past and present), or relived the memories of indoor and outdoor stages I have performed on, as a solo fingerstyle player I am completely aware there is always going to be a new challenge around every corner. Sometimes it can be an absolutely […]


Singing Live With Acoustic Guitar

By Riley Wilson

Getting the most out of your mic setup. One of the most straightforward forms of live performance involves singing while accompanying yourself with acoustic guitar. In fact, it’s amazing what some performers can do with this simple setup! Since many singers write their songs with guitar, it’s no surprise that great things emerge. Once you’ve […]


Soundcheck Done RIGHT!

By Bill Evans

You get a great gig – and you show up, unload, and start going to town on setup. And at some point, a sound guy approaches you to ask …


The World Stage

By Richard Gilewitz

I believe I’ve found the cure to jet lag. It’s actually rather simple. First you acclimate by flying from Florida to Wyoming and back. That’s just the warm up. Follow that with a flight to both islands in New Zealand, continue west to Australia, return to Florida, take one day off and then spend an […]